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a vibrant sound


6 Becket Street
Derby DE1 1HT

The upcoming collaborations are the first in a series of A Vibrant Sound, a project combining unexpected, international and traditional instrumentalism with innovative and experimental sound production in order to create unique and unforgettable musical experiences.

Coming soon


shunya &
string beats

Shunya is a multi-instrumentalist and producer, with a strong musical heritage, writing and producing music from the age of fourteen. Performing under the alias Shunya, his sound is a contortion of influences, stemming from his background in classical violin and jazz bass, and growing with the sounds of Manchester's electronic music scene.

Friday 8th March

String Beats will be performing a selection of Indian classical and folk music. The trio consists of sitar, sarangi and tabla.

Past events


Sentido Andino (‘Feelings of the Andes’) will be performing a collection of traditional Andean folk songs and South American laments. Their music will transport you to the Andean mountains with mesmerising and intricate arpeggios and soaring passionate vocal melodies, imbued with the spirit of the Incas. Instruments include the charango, cuatro venezolano, ronroco boliviano and the bombo andino.


Sheffield's Emergence Collective create a hypnotic kaleidoscope of sound through an intuitive and democratic process and approach to music-making. Eclectic improvised minimalism, drawing on folk, jazz, early, and contemporary classical music.

There will also be a showcase of exclusive original music from our first A Vibrant Sound Artist Residency, featuring Rubaya Saaz, Pato Espinosa, Jemma Freese Efrain Enriquez and Nick Tonizzo. These residencies will explore the meeting points between different cultures. This time round we're mixing together the sounds, instruments and influences from Pakistan, Italy, Ecuador and the UK. Watch this space for films and recordings in 2024.


Paltin are a Manchester based Jazz/Electronic trio blending improvisation with analogue and digital electronics. Ethereal modular synth patterns meet free jazz, broken beats, dub and dance infused basslines, and glitchy, cinematic textures. Intricate compositions of Romanian born Liviu Gheorge (Keys & Synths) with Ruben Sheridan (Drums) and Andy Patterson (Bass).Free flowing jazz electronic fusion from Manchester based headliners Paltin. Human infused wiring pulsates through shifting and shuttering drums whilst dub wise bass lines fill in the spaces. In form patterns infiltrate and consolidate anti-cultural shapes and graphs.

Jimsun photo.jpg

Vikasati are a Midlands-based keys and drums duo, combining jazz and improvisation with fluid polyrhythmic grooves to paint a captivating ambiance within the jazz and progressive music scene.

Jimsun aka Jaime Gonzales will be cooking up a semi-improvised lo-fi set with hip hop, folk, Latin, soul and dub flavours. Silky smooth vocals merge with kooky loops, twisted effects, filters and time-stretched samples to create his signature sun-drenched soundscapes.

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