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kelly anna
Friday 31st March

Kelly Anna shared a selection of creative pieces, threading together the textured arpeggios of the stars and the subtle movements of the waves. Influenced by the shadows of her own dreams and visions, and shifting between patterns of dissonance, dissociation, peace, suffering, contemplation and release, her compositions are mesmerising, restless and open and vibrate through the limitless beauty of the blackest night. Kelly’s set included some collaborations with her long lost creative brother, Josh Elliott, who will be performing some of his own intricate and organic compositions. 


Influences: Boards of Canada, Elliot Smith, Sun Kil Moon, Nick Cave, Portico Quartet, Caroline Shaw, Andrei Tarkovsky, Mamoru Oshii.

Join us for an unforgettable musical experience at Creative Peaks! We are thrilled to be hosting an upcoming concert featuring Shunya, collaborating with traditional Indian trio Stringbeats. This dynamic synergy of cultures and music is truly innovative and unique, featuring deeply rooted traditional instrumentalism fused into modern sounds. With this fusion, we aim to inspire and cultivate a culturally-enriched musical experience like no other.

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